Get Involved

An organisation like The Akshaya Patra Foundation needs your constant involvement to sustain its programme of providing unlimited food for education of children coming from challenging socio-economic backgrounds. We believe you and everyone else would have, at some point in time, thought about contributing to a cause and making a difference. But we often come across hurdles, such as time limitations.

Finding out which initiative to support may also cost time. So it becomes much easier with an existing and well-defined cause. And that is what we are committed to. We work to eliminate classroom hunger and make children’s lives better!

Looking into the several obstacles, we at Akshaya Patra devised means to support the cause without encountering restrictions. We created options to volunteer, fundraise, join us online, partner with us or just spread the word.

There are also volunteering provisions which give you the freedom to support without disturbing your schedule. To get involved, approach us with your idea. You can write to us to collaborate, volunteer, raise funds or organise any activity.

It is entirely up to you to conduct or organise an activity at a school where we serve food or be a part of an event we are conducting. In both cases, you can spread awareness about our cause in your way. You can also write about your experience while you are part of our programme.

There are the several ways in which you can spread smiles among the children we look after. Why wait?