How is your money spent

All the contributions are spent either directly or indirectly on our mid day meal feeding programmes. With a focus on maintaining absolute transparency and accountability in the programme, Akshaya Patra releases information on its programme expenditure in its annual report. On average 84% of the income is used to meet the programme cost, 12% is used to meet the programme management cost and 4% is used to raise funds and meet other communication requirements in order to raise more awareness of the programme. In order to make contributing to this programme sustainable for our well-wishers, the Government of India shares the mid day meal cost per child bringing it from Rs. 7.40 per child, per day to Rs. 3.01 for our donors, per child per day.

Using this calculation of Rs. 3.01 into 232 working days, added to 9.34% (Rs. 52) inflation costs, by making a contribution of just Rs. 1500 will feed mid day meal to one child every day for a year. This shows that the mid day meal cost per child is affordable by many well-wishers, making it a sustainable model of social change. In terms of the programme wise expenditure by Akshaya Patra, in the year 2013-14 89 per cent was spent on the mid day meal feeding programmes ensuring that the hard earned money from our donors is put to good use.

If donors choose to help feed mid day meal to underserved children in India Akshaya Patra also provides an acknowledgement certificate attesting to receiving the donation. The Foundation also provides an option online for donors to specify where they would like their money to be used, ensuring transparency at all times.